Twine Market & Design Party In The Barn!

WTW Sponsors LOGO

We are getting down to the wire now on these sponsorships. The race is only 24 days away so now is the time to act if you want in. One local business that I am extremely excited has decided to jump in and become a sponsor is Twine Market & Design. Some sponsors are important because they agree to bring waters or prizes to the race and those are so appreciated. Other sponsors, like Twine MarketĀ & Design are important because they are going to make Run Richmond look good.

See the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run is being organized by Run Richmond, LLC. Run Richmond is a company that is ran by Trent Funk and myself (David Stewart). We are two normal guys (at least we try for normal). Planning a race like the Historic Haunt, our race back in October, was easy for us. That was a race concept that we understood. You could even say it was in our wheel house. TheWater To Wine 5K Vineyard Run is a little different situation. We knew it would be an amazing course, we understood that a huge after party would be a big hit. We knew a premium race with awesome medals and prizes would be popular.

Twine LogoWe have experience organizing volunteers to make registrations go smooth, plus even more volunteers that will help with course management so nobody gets lost along the way. What we aren’t experienced at is throwing parties. Especially parties that are at a vineyard and need to look amazing. That is how Twine Market & Design comes into play.

I am really excited that from this point forward we aren’t having an after party. We are have the Twine Market & Design Party in the Barn! Twine is going to have the barn looking amazing. The cash bar is going to be a popular hangout not just because of the drinks, but because it will be in the barn and the barn just got way cooler.

barn chandelierI met with Colleen from Twine at Chenault Vineyards last week and she immediately starting walking around in the barn with wheels turning in her head. She looked up at this chandelier and said “I have ideas for this!” I am sure she does and I am also sure that it is going to look amazing. So if you know Colleen Spencer or have ever been to Twine Market & Design you know our after party just got a big upgrade. Thanks Colleen!