RUNNERS (and walkers) NEEDED!

we need youYou know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you realize that you are needed? Doesn’t it feel amazing to know that your presence, expertise, or even emotional support is important to someone else? We all desire to be wanted and needed. It’s human nature. We are designed to need companionship. We accomplish goals better as a team than as an individual. So if feeling needed is something that you desire than let me tell you right now that Run Richmond needs you.

Technically Run Richmond needs you a lot. A running company doesn’t do a lot without runners and walkers. We need you to show up for Group Runs on Saturday mornings. We need you to sign up for the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run, and we need you to sign up for the 2nd Annual Historic Haunt 5K/10K. These events are nothing without you. Run Richmond is nothing without you.

Specifically, right now though we need you for something else. 3Gins Media has become a sponsor for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run. Part of that  sponsorship includes a promotional video that 3Gins is going to film for the race. That is happening tomorrow night. WE NEED RUNNERS/WALKERS. We need people to be at Chenault Vineyards so we can shoot the video with runners in the background. You won’t be required to speak on camera or even be in a close up. I just know that if you are going to create a video about a race you need to have runners and the more the merrier.

So if you are free tomorrow night meet us at Chenault Vineyards at 5:00 pm. Wear your running clothes and just have some fun with us. You will get to see the course and just maybe become famous. You never know Steven Spielberg could see this video and spot the perfect person to star in his next movie. OK it isn’t likely, but you never know.