If It’s Water To Wine Why Does Run Richmond Keep Talking About Gin?

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We have another great Gold Level Sponsor to introduce today. We had been discussing during one of our group runs how we wanted to find a way to show people how amazing Chenault Vineyards is going to be as a venue for a race. We can tell people that it is going to be one of the prettiest races you will ever run, but people expect race directors to say that. Even though the statement is completely true I don’t feel like as race directors we have a lot of credibility on that statement. So we thought it would be better if we could go out and just take a bunch of photos to show you all the scenic landscapes you will experience during your 3.1 miles. It turns out there is an even better way to do this and it is made possible by our next sponsor.3 gins media log

3Gins Media was created to address the video media marketing, and advertising, needs of local businesses, charities. Fortunately, Run Richmond is a local business that gives to charity and needs video media marketing & advertising. So Steve at 3 Gins thought a sponsorship would be perfect.

3Gins Media has agreed to create a race promo video that we will be unveiling soon. This will be awesome. We had been waiting for the trees to turn green because dead looking trees don’t make for pretty videos. The trees are getting their leaves and we will be filming soon. When we do, you are going to be amazed not only by the course, but by the quality of the video that 3Gins Media is going to create. I have seen their work and it this will be amazing. If you need some video marketing or advertising give Steve a call and he will not disappoint you.

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