Water To Wine – Sponsorship Announcement

WTW Sponsors LOGO

It is time to start giving some sponsorship announcements for the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run! The way Run Richmond has chosen to do our races makes it essential that we have great sponsors and so far that has worked out well. When we do events we don’t keep a bunch of money to use for the next event. We don’t even keep a bunch of money to pay ourselves for the time and energy it takes to make these events work. We give nearly everything we make from our events directly to the charities that we have chosen to partner with on our events.

Unfortunately, there are cost associated with these events. We have choosen to make them first class events while still giving away thousands of dollars. That isn’t possible without companies that decide to support us and our events. I want to start our sponsorship announcements for the Water To Wine race with one of our biggest supporters so far.

Arch for use on ColorOur local McDonald’s has partnered with Run Richmond from the beginning. For our Historic Haunt last year they decided to become our first Silver level sponsor. That was a huge bonus to us because it was our first race and we needed all the help we could get to make that event a positive experience for all our runners.

This time around for the Water to Wine race they decided to go even bigger and became our first Gold level sponsor. To make it even better they decided to donate another $500 in water and apple slices. That sponsorship itself will obviously give them some positive exposure, but adding the water and apples is just because they want to support the runners of central KY.  I can’t say enough to thank McDonald’s for their support of Run Richmond and our events.

I will be making lots more announcements over the next day or two about other sponsors that have jumped on board with us for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run. If you are part of a business that would like to be involved in this race contact me right away. We will be starting a contest later this week that will be driving some foot traffic to our sponsors and creating lots of social media exposure from the contestants. So if you have been thinking about a sponsorship and just haven’t got it done yet, you better do it quick to get the most bang for your buck.