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Seems like that was just yesterday that we rang in 2017 doesn’t it? Is it just me or as we get older do the years seem to fly by a lot quicker? Just over a week from now it will be April. That mean that 3 months of 2017 will be done. 3 months that many of us had hoped would be the beginning of a healthier life. 3 months that we hoped would be the time that we decided to go to the gym and actually stick with it or 3 months that we planned to develop healthier eating habits. How is that going? Are your resolutions, if you made any, still going strong?

I was looking for some statistical data on this and couldn’t quickly find it, but I heard at one point that something like 8% of resolutions are successful. That may sound discouraging, but if you look at the numbers closer maybe it will help a little. There are over 300 million people in the US. 41% say they make resolutions and of that percentage 20% make resolutions about getting healthy. So if 8% or so of those people are successful then nearly 2 million people will achieve their goal of becoming healthier in 2017. To me that doesn’t sound too bad. Sure it would be better if the number was bigger. Most of us need/want to get healthier, but it’s not easy.

Advances in most technologies mean that our lives are getting “easier”. I don’t know if I would agree that it is easier mentally, but advances have certainly made our lives easier physically. I read a quote somewhere that said “We have come to assume that efficiency and convenience are always good…this is a naïve approach.” Working hard at something is what produces the most satisfying result. We need to stop buying into what todays culture is telling us about our comfort and start accepting that we have to make ourselves less comfortable to make positive changes.

Resolutions are a good thing, because I think it is a point in the year that everyone can stop and evaluate their life and make some hard decisions. I hope at this point you are still part of the 8%. That you are frustrated with your past enough to be uncomfortable in the present so you can thrive in the future. Positive change doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is, if you are making changes that will help you become healthier you have a lifetime to make it happen. Keep at it little by little and don’t let failure or missing your cozy life drag you back to what you left behind.

If you made a resolution and already failed…SO WHAT! Get back at it. There is nothing magical about January 1. Change can start 365 days a year. Today is better than tomorrow by at least one day!

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