You Know An Event Is Good When It’s TV Good. Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run is TV Good!

fox 56

I have been saying since week one of registrations for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run that this race was different. I have also been saying that the energy behind it is something pretty special. Now I have proof. Our “little” run and party at Chenault Vineyards has gotten the attention of some of the folks at Fox 56. They agree this a cool new event. They love that we are doing something to support and help build up the running community in Central KY, but also that we are doing it in a way that partners with outstanding charities to help fund them.

So this post is to hopefully get runners that haven’t signed up to do so. Because during mid-April we will be doing a live on air interview for the Fox 56 Morning Edition. That interview will likely be the catalyst to send us over the top. That interview will likely help us to reach our max capacity for the event. Right now we still have plenty of room, but each passing day and each passing week we get closer and closer to our number. So just head on over to now and get registered.

That’s not everything though, I have another goal for this post. If you are a business in Richmond or in Central KY that wants to get some exposure we need to talk. This race is being talked about ALOT! We are still in communication with a couple organizations about being a title sponsor for this event, but for now that spot is still open. If title sponsor sound too big we have several different levels of sponsorship for you to consider. Just contact me and we can get you the details. The best part is that we aren’t stuck to the options that we have created. You think your company can add something fun and interesting to this event? We can work together and let your sponsorship be your business.

Most race sponsorships involve some social media announcements, T-Shirt recognition, and maybe a sign or banner at the event. People run and then they disappear. You don’t have time to really interact with the people you are targeting. With the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run you get the after party to interact and impress. Race starts at 7:00, cash bar is open until 10:00, clean-up starts at 11:00. There will be hours of people hanging out and enjoying the atmosphere. That is what we can offer sponsors that you just can’t get from normal races.

If you have any questions about being a sponsor email