May 14th 2017 Mean Anything To You?


Have you sat down and looked at the calendar for the month of May yet? I know a bunch of you have, because you registered for the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run and I’m sure you checked to see if you had anything else scheduled that weekend. We scheduled the race that particular Friday (May 12th) for a few reasons that don’t matter to this post. One amazing reason for it to be scheduled that particular Friday is what is happening that Sunday.


Sunday, May 14th is Mother’s Day. I know better than to interfere with a mom getting the attention she deserves from her family on Sunday. That day you should be taking her out to lunch or cooking her dinner and making sure that everyone is on their best behavior. Give her a pretty card, hand cut like this one, with a note explaining how important she is to the family and how she is the glue that holds everything together. You know all that sappy stuff THAT IS 100% TRUE! Sunday is for mom to spend time with family.

Friday night?!?! That is something different. Water to Wine?!?! That is a perfect opportunity to give a mom you love a night out. Not just a night out, but a night that she can have a blast, do something that is good for her, and do something that is going to have a major impact on some local charities. I am going to let you in on the worst kept secret in the world, moms do a lot. Moms deserve some time to do something with their friends. Setting on the bleachers watching your kids do their thing is amazing and can make a mom extremely proud of her kids. Unfortunately, that has become the main form of entertainment for so many moms. We as dads and husbands need to find ways to encourage the moms we love to do something for them.

I happen to strongly believe that running or walking 3.1 miles around and through Chenault Vineyard is something that most moms would love. The views are amazing. Seeing the creek running down in the valley below the vineyard as you come to one of the 3 lookout points is an amazing sight to behold. Running or walking that 3.1 miles with her friends would give mom time to spend catching up and talking about stuff other than kids and lazy husbands. But here is the best part…with the Water to Wine Run you don’t just get the run/walk. There is wine (and beer for the moms that prefer that). There are food trucks. There is music. There are amazing giveaways from places like Twine and Cottage on Main