Are You Feeling Foolish?

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I talk a lot on here about building community and using movement to get healthy. Those are great things that are the cornerstones of Run Richmond, but there is another aspect to running and Run Richmond as well. We want the people that choose to be part of our events to have fun. Run Richmond events have been successful so far because there has been a real effort put into trying to make them fun as well as rewarding.

LMC_logoLeadership Madison County Class of 2016-2017 contacted me about helping them with some ideas around a 5K they wanted to do. I am generally skeptical of getting too involved with other races because I really want it to be a first class event if Run Richmond is going to support and promote it. After talking with them some and working with them on logos and things I am happy to give their race a plug here on Run Richmond.

This is a race with quite possibly the longest name I have ever seen for a race. One of the things I try to make sure I encourage people to do is give their race a memorable name. People need to be able to refer to your race quickly and with a name that is catchy. I thought the “Dress Like a Fool, Run/Walk Like a Fool, Give Back like a Fool 5K” was, to put it bluntly, a foolish choice for a name. After thinking about it though what better name for a races that is themed around being foolish. So I am going to refer to this race as the Dress Like a Fool 5K, but remember you also have to run/walk like a fool and give back like a fool. This race will be on the campus of EKU which generally makes for a very pretty run.

How many  of you have family members or know people that are struggling with addiction? How many of you have complained that something needs to be done because the addiction is becoming a bigger problem now than ever before? Well, here is the good news. This class from Leadership Madison County agrees that somebody needs to do something. So they did. They created the Next Step Recovery Program and it will partially be funded by this race. Next Step Recovery Program helps recovering addicts that have graduated form a local recovery program. This is a chance to let others know that we are crazy about them succeeding  after life has taken a wrong turn.  Is this program going to fix the addiction problem plaguing our town or our state? No, but it will make a difference in the lives of the individual people that are invested in. The problem is too big to tackle as a whole. The only way this problem will ever go away is if individuals will show love to other individuals and that is exactly what this program is designed to do.

So I encourage you to sign up for this race for a couple reasons. #1 you get to Run Like a Fool and Dress Like a Fool. So I hope to see people out there having a blast. Being silly and just acting like a kid that runs just for the fun of it. We need to be able to find joy in running or this isn’t something that we will do forever. #2 I believe the program that is funded by this race is worth it. We need to take ownership in the problems in our community and help be part of the solution. This race is only $15 to preregister. That won’t go a long way, but it is something and the more people that register the more individual lives can be impacted.

This race is April Fool’s Day, can you think of a better day to have a race that is themed around being foolish. This will be fun and rewarding so I think this is an easy race to support.

You can register for the race here.

You can also check out more about them on Facebook.