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I will admit that I would do a lot more races if I didn’t hate to pay for them. It’s not that I don’t think they are worth the money. Or even that I can’t really afford to do them. It really comes down to deciding whether or not I want to spend that money on myself. We all deserve to splurge every now and then. We all want to enjoy the stuff we like and we have a right to do so. We also all have people we love and if you love sacrificially that means that you want to give more than you receive. My wife would probably argue that I don’t live that out as well as I would hope (and she is right), but that doesn’t change the fact that when it comes time to register for a race I get frustrated at myself for spending the money.

Well, I was extremely busy this weekend and forgot to remind you all that the price was about to take a jump. This weekend the price for the Water To Wine 5K Vineyard Run went to $40. If I had thought ahead and planned I would have made a couple post on here, some Facebook messages anything else to remind everyone to get registered before the price goes up. Unfortunately, I was busy doing life with my youngest daughter and forgot. Fortunately, I have the power to switch the dates for price jumps. So I just extended the $35 price until Friday night. I will check and if anyone registered in that time period I will get them a $5 refund. This race is worth way more than $40, but I want everyone to have the opportunity to do this race and $5 can make a big difference in some budgets. So here is your chance to save some money and get registered.

wedding pointIn case you are still on the fence about registering for this race let me show you a couple more pictures. This views you will have while running/walking this course are going to be amazing. People pay a lot of money to have their weddings at this magical place. Organizations pay a lot of money to use this place for their big events. The reason they do so is the beauty of the vineyard and the scenic views from sitting up on top of this hill looking down over the valley below. I have done a lot of races and I haven’t seen anything like this for a venue in Kentucky. Then you still have to factor in the finishers medal, T-shirt, wine sample, after party, food trucks, cash bar, music…..I’ll stop there.

vest in the vines

Chenault Vineyards is going to be a destination place in Central Kentucky. The energy around this race has been so high that we are going to be interviewed on Fox 56 next month about this unique event and Run Richmond’s partnership with our charity partners.  My concern at this point isn’t if we are going to be able to reach our goals and get to write big checks to charity. It’s do we have enough parking to be able to keep accepting registrations up to race day? At some point, registration is going to have to close. We are going to hit a ceiling and that ceiling is determined by parking. The good news is that Chenault Vineyards has many acres of land. We are going to have lots of parking available. Registrations are going to be great and we are going to make Hospice Care Plus, Health Now Clinic, and Thirst Project very happy.

For now, though I want to make you happy. I am doing that by saving you a little money. No Run Richmond event is about money. It’s about building relationships with the local running community and the charities that we partner with. The money will be there as long as we keep doing things right. Extending the $35 registration period a few more days feels right. NOW GO REGISTER!

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