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Alone is a very scary word for a lot of people. Alone often brings stress for those that crave community or worse crave validation.  Being stuck alone is a nightmare that tortures so many people. Being alone long term is absolutely not good for us. We are designed to thrive in community. Spending time with others is absolutely a good thing. We can learn from others wins and losses. We can invest in our people as they are in turn investing in us. Community is absolutely a win-win situation.

Alone isn’t always a bad thing. Alone can also bring calm to those that are needing to decompress or just slow down. Alone can help bring clarity to your thoughts. I really struggle with being alone. Not because I have some deep seated fear of being alone, but because I am naturally a social person and I enjoy people. I like being part of the stuff that is going on. Whether that is hanging out with the guys, relaxing with my family or even meeting with people to plan events (like the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run that is going to be awesome). Sometimes though, I need to be alone for a bit to let the worries of the world slide off my shoulders.

My alone, for the last few years,  has mostly come from running. I love Saturday group runs with my Run Richmond family, but I also love my other runs. The ones that happen after work…alone. I put myself in situations that bring community so often that sometimes I just need to be alone and run. Maybe listen to music, but usually just run…alone in silence.

Being alone isn’t a bad thing, if it is a decision made by you to be alone for a period of time. Alone is harmful to anyone if alone becomes a way of life instead of way to refill yourself. So don’t feel sorry for me if you see me running down the road by myself sometime. It is quite possible that I am running the crazy out and believe me that is needed frequently. I talk frequently on here about Run Richmond being about building community for runners and walkers and that is still our main goal. But, I encourage you to spend a little time running or walking alone (in well lit safe areas) to see if you don’t find a certain peace in being alone that can help you  find answers to some of the things that keep you stressed.

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