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It seems to be a popular thing now, at least with ladies in my life, to have a special word for the year. The point is to find a specific word that you feel you need to work on and let that word guide you for the year. It could be something like STRENGTH if you are a person that feels insignificant or doesn’t usually stand up for what is right. Or maybe CALM if you are a person that is highly emotional and gets fired up about things easily. If you want to have some fun look for the people wearing a bracelet with a word like this on it. Don’t let them know you saw the bracelet and start giving them advice around that topic. They will be blown away and you will look like a very insightful person.

I have never had a word before. Never even thought much about having a word of the year. I sat down to write this post today and was planning to write about taking the time to let my ankle heal. The only thing that kept popping into my head was the word PATIENCE. If I was more patient I could wait for a different story idea, but since I’m not I am going with this.

Almost 2 weeks ago my ankle started hurting and swelling for no reason. My job has me sitting the majority of the day and each day my ankle swells to some degree. Last week I tried walking 1 mile and it swelled up huge and got really stiff. I slowed back down and rode a bike for our Run Richmond Group Run on Saturday and didn’t do any walks or runs. My ankle stayed swollen some but not too much each day and I thought it may be getting progressively better. Yesterday I walked a mile again. It felt pretty good and I was pleased with how it went.

I was walking while waiting for my daughter to finish her cross country practice. After my first mile, she came up behind me and said she had 1 mile left. So what do you think this extremely “patient” person did to let his ankle continue to heal? That’s right I took off running with her. Not only was I running without really knowing what the walking was going to do to my ankle, but I was running in my jeans and work shoes. Maybe not the best choice, but it was only 1 mile and she had already run 6 miles so she was going relatively slow at that point.

About a 1/4 mile in we started hitting some small inclines. That is when I decided this probably wasn’t a good idea. The flat ground felt fine. Downhill was all good. Any incline that added to the flex in my ankle during landing was painful. The first half was mostly flat and down. The second half of the mile was much more uphill. So I used better judgment and walked the uphills and let her run ahead. This morning my ankle is sorer than it has been and more swollen. It appears as though I should have been more patient with my healing.

As runners, we want to run. If we are doing it to lose weight we feel like it is a necessity. When we have injuries we must be patient. Come back slow. Be intentional and have a plan. Don’t just go out and see how it feels. Ease back into your normal routine step by step. Adrenaline and desire can push you farther than you should be going. So my word (at least until my ankle is better) is PATIENCE. But if it doesn’t get better soon I am going to become a PATIENT!

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