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I have said before that the running community is an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I want to prove that by giving a little encouragement and support to The Running Wife (Ashleigh). I don’t know a lot of Ashleigh’s back story, but from what I can tell she made a decision to get healthier and one way she did it was by deciding to run. After making positive changes in her life she has started to focus on the lives of others by creating a blog and doing events to encourage others to get moving. For those of you that know me and my story very well you know that is nearly a perfect match to my story.

running-wife-logoI spent some time chatting with Ashleigh last weekend at Johns Run Walk’s free run event. I already knew from her blog that she was a person that shared my passion for running and even more so getting others to give it a try. After chatting it is clear to me that Run Richmond and The Running Wife need to work together in the future on races, events and even blog content. I encourage you to go check out The Running Wife. She has tons of useful information on there and I know it is going to just keep coming.

So when you are out running races or training keep an eye out for The Running Wife. When you see her say Hi and give her a big thank you for what she is doing, because she is a big part of the running community in central KY.

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