Why The Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run Is Important



You guys have been great in the last 36 hours or so since we opened registration for the Water to Wine 5K Vineyard Run! The response has been amazing. we have lots of registrations from people that haven’t been part of our Run Richmond family.  So thank you to those that have already registered and the large group of you that have shared links on social media. That is the best way for us to get the word spread about this really cool event.

When we did the Historic Haunt the main focus was to help people try something new, or take it to another level. We had the Little Goblins Run to get kids running. We had the 5k for people that had never run before. Plus, we had the 10K for people to step up a level and add some distance to push themselves a little harder. Some would say a lot harder.

The Water to Wine Run has two primary purposes. #1 is to give runners from central Kentucky a chance to have a relaxing run followed by an opportunity to build relationships with each other. Let’s be honest…most races you show up, do your warm up routine and then run your race.  Most of that is done without  interaction at all with other runners. When the race is over you huddle around your buddies until the awards and then you head out to continue your day. We made this a Friday night so you wouldn’t have anything to do after. We created the party so you would have a reason to stick around and get to know the other runners. You all are an amazing group of people. The more time we spend talking with each the better our running and possibly our lives can become. So clear your calendar, bring some money for the food truck and bar, and then get to know the central KY running community.

Purpose #2 for the Water to Wine Run is because there is population of  people out there that think about running/walking. They talk about the fact that they wish they did it. Some even have done it a few times, but just never really bought in. The Water to Wine Run is a perfect opportunity to jump in. There is not a high pressure winner takes all, time are more important than anything event. Actually, our goal is that the run is an afterthought to the party. Plan on coming and walking or running. Then hang out and have some fun with others on the same journey as you. You will most likely figure out that running isn’t as intimidating as you expected. The running community is a welcoming and encouraging group of people…right after the race. Don’t mess with a lot of them before the race because everyone has their own routine and if you mess it up you may kill their MOJO. It’s not good to mess with another persons MOJO on race day.

Hopefully, May 12th we can celebrate together. Remember…

Run First….Wine Later