Run Richmond Conquers the Rio Salado Trail Run


For some of us, the idea of retiring may bring to mind images of relaxing on the couch, joining a couple golf leagues, or maybe even becoming a babysitter to grandkids. When Emily Christian told us she was retiring last year she didn’t give me the impression that sitting on the couch would be one of the options she would pick. Now spending time with grandkids was something that I knew would become a major focus for her.

Emily was possibly the first lady to come out and run with me on a Run Richmond group run. She has been doing laps with us at Whitehall pretty much from the beginning and we all love having Emily around. I don’t know that there is any one person that is more fired up about running and the running community in general than Emily.

If you don’t know Emily you may wonder what creates this fire inside her. Emily hasn’t always been a runner. She went through some tough times a few years ago emotionally and physically. She took up running as a way to conquer both. Emotionally running is a release for many people. If Emily is like me she can get out there and be running with people or alone and get completely lost in the moment. I clear my mind of the stuff that is weighing on me while running. It is truly a form of therapy for me and I think Emily would say it is for her as well.

When you add to that the fact that it is just good for your body to be up moving you have a win-win situation. Emily is passionate about running because she knows it has done great things for her. I think she is just as passionate about the running community because she loves people and wants everyone to get the same benefits she has.

emily WinnerIt would be easy to assume that Emily, now in her 60s, is past the prime of her running career. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Last Saturday she was in Phoenix, Arizona and ran her first trail 5K race. Now to say she just ran her first 5K trail race would be selling her short. Emily won her age group with a time of 32:22. Winning her age group is great, but I am just as impressed with the fact that Emily came in 44th place overall. That is against everyone, male and female, young and old not so young.

Congratulations Emily on your race, but even more so on your accomplishments in life. You inspire a lot of us to keep at it and give it our all. If we don’t you will end up running right past us.