Workout of the Week #3


Workout of the Week #3 “Progressive Endurance” Left over Right

My name is Trent Funk and I am a previous college athlete who is on the down hill side of my 40s heading for 50 and am ready to call on my inner warrior to come out, get motivated and make another stand. This is my 3 rd installment where I try new workouts and relay to you the joys and pains of the process.
Here’s a quick update on my status / progress.
Nacho Libre stretch - I want a Hot BODY But i also want tacos!Last week I was in Leon Mexico on business and got a couple of easy runs in with the one benefit being that I was at 6000 feet altitude. However the meme accurately captures my experience as I woke up 1 week later with my “fancy clothes” being tighter to due to 3 extra pounds of tacos.

In general, I am comfortably running 8-minute miles for 5 miles while I still recover from an achilles repair but mostly feel like the tin man out there with my hips and low back being pretty stiff and my mechanics suffering. Some may argue that I should not being trying some of these workouts yet but for me, the Leonard Nimoy of running, I am IN Search OF speed. I want to feel like I am running not plodding and hopefully one workout or more likely the culmination of all these workouts will help me find my form again and push me to the goal of a sub 20 –minute 5k.
This week the workout comes from Runners World author Jenny Hadfield.  She
highlights 5 “Fun” workouts that will help you run a faster 5k. I will be doing #5 the Progressive Endurance Workout and will let you know how fun it really is…

The Workout:

Walk two to three minutes to pre-warm your body.
Run one mile easy (conversational).
Run one mile moderate (might be choppy to talk)
Finish the final mile hard but controlled (not able to talk)
Run one mile at just above easy
Cool down: Walk two minutes and jog three minutes
4.37 miles with cool down 37.44
Mile #1 8:51
Mile #2 8:23
Mile #3 7:24
Mile #4 8:43

 Workout Evaluation

4 out of 5 stars basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)
This workout can be a challenging as you want and does a good job establishing
where you are in your training. The plan is easy to execute and can be done just
about anywhere. Despite my results this is a fun one I would recommend to anyone at any level of fitness.

Personal Evaluation

2 out of 5 stars basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)basic-5-point-gold-star-beveled.jpg (249×240)
Remember, I need to run a 6:26 pace to break 20 min for a 5k again. At this point I really wanted that 2nd mile closer to 8 and especially wanted the 3rd mile under 7 minutes.
It’s a bit overwhelming as I know I have been generally hitting the plan and I am not seeing the results as I expected. These little moments of disappointment, outside of injury, can be the biggest deterrents to progress.
So for the good news, I woke up, I was healthily enough to lace up my Asics, and motivated enough to face the cold and get into the fight. We all have to remember that a bad workout or a setback does not define you. The joy I get from running and the people involved outweighs the negative and I believe that as within a race most of the battle is being resilient to silence those menacing voices that say quit and just taking that next step, left over right.

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  1. Go Trent – I’m still chasing 20 min myself. Probably not going to happen anytime soon. Good luck on the full recovery and don’t push it too much.

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