The Drift


That’s a beautiful picture, isn’t it? If you think about the hectic lives that we lead you may think that looks even more amazing. During my busiest and most hectic times, I could imagine climbing in that boat and just drifting off while relaxing. Most of us at times daydream about getting away and not having to be so rushed, stressed, scheduled, or just plain busy.¬† I think a slower life would be beneficial for most of us. The real question is if a drifting life would be beneficial?

When you are drifting you are at the whim of outside forces. If you relaxed on that boat your destination would be determined by the wind, currents or maybe even whale that jumps on top of your boat and sinks it. When we drift we give up all control. I can’t imagine my life going where I need and want it to go if I let random things determine my destination. To make positive changes and have positive growth you must make difficult decisions.

When we aren’t intentional about our destination we rarely go in a positive direction. The path of least resistance is the direction we will drift. Is it easy to not pay attention to our diet and eat what we want? Is it easy to stay in bed instead of getting up to work out? Is it easy to say I’ll start tomorrow, or next week? This is drifting. This is not being intentional about your plans. If you make a plan, and actually follow it, you can go places that drifting will never take you.

I understand that we have to have down time. I actually would love to sit in that boat and chill for a while. The thing is that you have to know when to do that for your own wellness instead of for your own comfort. Relaxing for wellness is crucial. Relaxing just to stay comfortable is rarely going to be beneficial. Create a plan that includes all times for pushing hard for growth and time for rest and reflection. This applies to exercise, but even more so to life in general.

The picture of that boat is pretty amazing, but you need to realize that if it won’t stay just like that. Eventually, it will either be pushed out to see and have no way of returning to where it wants to be. Or it will be pushed into shore and quite possibly broken up on a rocky shoreline. There is no guarantee that when we drift we will land on some¬†sandy tropical beach. I think we all have enough life lessons to know that drifting, 9 times out of 10, will take us far from where we want to be.