My church, Crossroads, has started a new series called Resilient. The first thing I can tell you is that Crossroads does an amazing job of making things interesting. The promo pieces for this series, like the one above, have been great. But more important than that is how important the idea of being resilient is in life. Has anyone else noticed that things frequently don’t happen the way we like? Has anyone else ever felt like life just nailed you in the side of the head with something that you never saw coming?

Being resilient has nothing to do with being prepared for hard times. Being resilient has everything to do with what your reaction is during the hard times. As runners, we pride ourselves on pushing on when our body says that we are done. Hard times are what runners expect. You can’t sign up for a marathon or even a half-marathon and expect to float through training and the actual race without difficulty. At some point, your body tries to tell you that it has had enough. Your brain has to be resilient and find a way to tell your body that you can do more. That isn’t usually easy. That definitely isn’t fun.

We can also look at the people that refuse to classify themselves as runners. I am talking about the people that are trying to lose weight and their goal is to get a few miles in walking or run/walking to burn calories. 2 miles for a person focused on losing weight could take the exact same amount of resiliency as 26.2 miles to a person training for their marathon. Your body has developed a level of expectation from you. When you start pushing beyond that expectation your have to expect some pushback. You have to be resilient and know that your choices will determine your result.

You get to choose if you are going to take it easy and just get done, or if you are going to push hard to maximize results. You get to choose if you are going to see the rain as a sign and skip your scheduled long run. Or are you going to realize that there is no guarantee that it won’t rain on race day and having experience in that situation will be crucial? You get to decide if you are going to make your decision based on who you are or who you plan to be. If all of your decision in life are based on the current version of yourself then it will be really hard to become a better version of yourself. I don’t care how fit you are, or how great of a person you are, YOU CAN BE BETTER. You just have to be willing to push yourself to grow. You have to be resilient with things aren’t happening the way you want. Most importantly you have to understand that becoming a better version is your goal and that sometimes failure is exactly what it takes to make us better.