Gym or Running…Which Is Better?


There are a couple important things to remember when we talk about going to the gym. First is your goal to build muscle and get that bodybuilder physique or is it to lose/control weight and stay healthy. The second is do you love being in the gym environment and look forward to gym time or is it something that you dread?

I am going to start with number 2 first. Some people love being in the gym. They feel energized when leaving and look forward to getting back the next time. Others are terrified of being judged, being laughed at and just being surrounded by people they don’t know. Fear and being uncomfortable aren’t good reasons to give up on being healthy so don’t let fear stop you from working out in a gym. With that being said there are lots of ways to use your own body weight to accomplish weight training without equipment in your own home. Building muscle is good for your health and it is good for weight loss so finding a way to work that into your training will be beneficial.

For that body builder physique, you have to spend lots of time in a gym doing very specific exercises for each muscle that you want to increase in size. It would be very difficult to make much headway on getting your body in that shape without spending hours and hours in a gym. But, if you are wanting to get healthier, lose weight, feel better, etc. running can be a great alternative to the gym. I recently found this article in Men’s Fitness  that give 25 reasons running is better than the gym. Now I am not saying there isn’t a reason to join a gym. I am saying that if you don’t want to join a gym or if you are looking to improve your overall health running should be a part of your fitness plan.

Check out the article and let me know any thoughts.