In 2016 We Got Better, In 2017 Lets Do The Same


Congrats to David and Tim on their first and second place finishes in the Resolution Run on 12-31-16. David had a 1st in age group finish and Tim was 2nd. I ran that race last year and there were lots of runners and it was a fun race. I am glad I didn’t have that one on my schedule this year because those two would have blown by me and then I would have killed myself trying to keep up.

The very next day was the Frozen Rails 5K in Midway and our very own Emily Christian finished second (I believe) in her age group. I don’t think it is a coincidence that these 3 runners are among the very first that ever showed up for a Run Richmond Group Run.  David was the very first person to show up on the very first scheduled group run. He actually beat me there and I am early to everything so I knew I was going to like him right then. Tim and his wife Tracy have been running at White Hall (where we do most group runs) for a long time and joined us right away. Emily showed up at the beginning as well.

The Run Richmond runners which include many others have been pushing and/or pulling each other along ever since. Run Richmond started late fall of 2015 so 2016 was our first full year. In that year we had our first Run Richmond owned event, the Historic Haunt. That 5k/10k had right at 300 registrations and generated $3,500 for Run Richmond to be able to write checks to organizations right here in Richmond to support what they do. In 2016, Run Richmond group runs grew from a few of us that started our gathering and running/walking 2-4 miles to a group of people that would show up training for full or half marathons and push each other for anywhere from 10-20 miles through White Hall Park and sometimes what felt like all of northern Madison County.

There have been big changes in the Run Richmond since the beginning of 2016 and I hope to see even more in 2017. What hasn’t changed though is our desire to support ANYONE that wants to get or stay healthy by getting up and moving. We will continue to make post on the website that hopefully will inspire people to keep at it. We will continue to meet for group runs so we can encourage each other and I hope that we will be able to have different types of events that will help each of us share our story, our knowledge, and our passions.

Run Richmond isn’t about elite runners becoming better runners. It’s about people becoming better people. Better is a big term that can mean lots of things. It could be that better for you is losing weight and being healthier. It could be that better is finding a group of people that will encourage and support you to keep you on the right path. I don’t know what your better is, but I can tell you that there are people like David, Tim, and Emily that show up each week (with many others) to get a run in, but also to spend time with each other. We laugh (frequently at the pond directly under wherever David is standing), we chat and we get to know each other. If that is something that you want to be part of join us some Saturday morning. Maybe someone there will be able to help you find your better.