2 HOUR MARATHON, Is It Really Possible?


This is a photo of Dennis Kimetto crossing the finish line for a marathon at a finish time that was faster than my last half marathon! Dennis finished the marathon in Berlin back in 2014 setting the world record by running 26.2 miles in 2:02:57.

My PR for the half marathon is 1:50 I have bragged that at least no one alive could catch me if I was running the half and they ran the full. Well, they are getting close to my PR and actually would have gotten me on my last half…I gotta lose some weight again!

According to this article “Inside Nike’s Quest For The Impossible: A Two-Hour Marathon“, I better lose weight quick. They have a goal of getting someone under 2 hours this spring. They have a whole team of experts looking for the perfect course, for the perfect athletes in the perfect condition. I hope they beat 2 hours. I love seeing history being made. I am fascinated by the speed and endurance these athletes have. I also feel no shame in the fact that they could lap me in a race.

The men running this have dedicated their entire lives to becoming the absolute best runner possible. I have dedicated my life to being the best husband, father, & provider I can be. I am not saying that these men are bad husbands or fathers. I am saying though that to reach that level of greatness takes time and dedication that I can’t give. I do give time to running. Just enough to keep me healthy and keep it enjoyable. I run enough that I still wish I could run more. I doubt these guys enjoy their long runs as much as I do.

We are all at different spots with running. Don’t ever judge yourself against others in any area of your life. Judge yourself against where you have been and where you want to be. If you are moving closer to where you want to be than you are doing great and you should be proud.