Anyone Besides Me Been Busy?


I had a post planned in my head that I was planning to write this morning about being busy and hoping to encourage you all by letting you know that you aren’t alone if you feel busy and overwhelmed in this holiday season. My life with family, work, church, Run Richmond & everything that comes with each of them has been about as busy for the last few weeks as it could possibly be. As I started this post I jumped online (as I usually do) to find a graphic that correlates with my post. I googled the word busy and started looking for something that jumped out at me.  That is when words I have known before smacked me in the face again.

NO ONE IS BUSY IN THIS WORLD. IT’S ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES. Don’t get me wrong I know for a fact a lot of us have lost of responsibilities that keep us “busy”. What I am realizing this time that is different than other times is that I have a choice. Busy has a negative view that comes with it most of the time, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Busy isn’t a bad thing if you are busy with things that align with your priorities.

Although I would like to be more rested and have more time to run and devote to planning the future of Run Richmond, I am extremely happy to get to spend time shopping with my wife on a Saturday morning. It actually energizes me to spend time with kids from my youth group. My priorities haven’t changed, but we all go through seasons where our attentions have to be focused on different things to help them grow or keep them healthy.

I haven’t been running as much the last couple months as I would like to be. I have been spending more time doing other things that are just as important. I can’t let my health be put on the back burner for too long though. I have already gained back a decent amount of weight. My priorities are going to have to get switched back to my own health and well being. It’s OK to get busy and go through a period that you have to make adjustments to your goals. We aren’t superhero’s that can do everything. We have limits on our time and our energy.

The important thing is that we must keep an eye on what is keeping us busy. If the busyness comes from a place of distraction and not our priorities then make changes quickly. If the busyness comes from our priorities then make sure that overtime you are making adjustments to the schedule to insure that all of your priorities are being looked after. Our health and well being has to always be a priority. Maybe there isn’t time for a 2 hour run, but there is time to eat healthier or walk stairs instead of riding the escalator. We all have to make choices about how to spend our time. Take some time to analyze your busyness and decide if it is healthy or not.