It’s Official! Run Richmond’s 2nd Race is Happening!


Details have been in the works for a while now, but it has finally came together. The Inaugural Water to Wine 5K will be May 12th 2017 at Chenault Vineyards. As I have talked to people about this race and described what the plans are there has been one phrase that has stuck out to me. Each conversation ends including the statement “Is it a race or is it a party?”. I don’t believe we have to choose. I say we put on the best 5K Vineyard Run possible and follow that up with the best post race party you have ever been to.

The party is going to be a collaborative effort between Run Richmond and Chenault Vineyards. In case you didn’t know, throwing parties is there business. Fun running events are our business…this seems like a match made in heaven. With your registration (assuming you are 21 or older) you will get a free wine tasting at the conclusion of your race. You will also get access to the after party where there will be food and drinks available to purchase. It seems to me that you can’t have a really great party without some really great music. Sure we could and may have a DJ there playing music and keeping the party atmosphere going. Or we could add a live band that is going to have you celebrating whether you finished with a new PR or not.

So we have the ever popular 5K distance, we have wine tasting, we have food and drinks available to purchase, we have live music, what else would make a great race? We learned a lot doing the Historic Haunt back in October and we are putting that information to work in this race. We had tons of positive feedback that the Historic Haunt wasn’t just another race through public roads. The Water to Wine 5k will certainly be a great course to run. Although the exact course map hasn’t been determined I do know that none of the course will be on public roads. The majority of the course will be on the dirt paths/farm roads that are used to travel between fields of grape vines. Not only will this be a gorgeous setting to run or walk, but it will be a nice soft running surface that will be easy on your body.

Registration will be opening soon. A dedicated website with all the details you would ever want will launch as well. What you need to do now is mark your calendar for May 12th. Watch and for details. By early spring we should be having some Run Richmond Group Runs at Chenault Vineyards so keep that in mind as you start your prep for the run.

The last and most important thing I get to share about the run/party is how it will benefit our community and beyond. I have worked with, and been a huge fan of, Hospice Care Plus for a long time. Their mission is to achieve pain and symptom control, to increase quality of life, and honor the needs of the entire family of each patient in their care. Patients come to Hospice Care Plus at the absolute toughest time of their life and the love and respect that they receive from the staff and volunteers make that just a little bit easier. The majority of our proceeds will be going directly to Hospice Care Plus so that they can continue to do the great work they are doing.

Being a runner and a person that doesn’t drink enough water in general I have learned first hand how water is vital to a healthy, happy life. With that in mind, we are also going to be partnering with Thirst Project, the world’s largest youth water organization. Their mission is essentially to empower young people to end the global water crisis. I know an amazing young lady that is part of this organization and her passion has inspired me to share a portion of proceeds with Thirst Project. The idea of college age people focusing on world problems as opposed to whether or not they want to switch their major for the 5th time is exciting to me. When we are young we are the most passionate. Thirst Project helps harness that passion and put it to good use. They literally change the direction of lives in the communities with their water projects. It’s easy to say they build wells for people to have clean water, but what they really do is reduce disease, increase food production and make the lives of the village/community better. That is something that Run Richmond is happy to be part of.

If you or your company would like to become a sponsor for the Water to Wine 5K then contact us today at We are looking for partners that share our passion for helping people in our community and beyond enjoy a healthier life.

Here are links if you want more info about any of our partners:

Thirst Project

Hospice Care Plus

Chenault Vineyards