Run Richmond Does Great at Renfro Rock N’ Run


Our numbers for the group run this Saturday ended up being a little less than normal. This was a race weekend for many of our regulars. I haven’t heard from several people as of yet how they did, but we did have a few check in and give us an update. The crew in the picture above is Traci, Tim, Brooke and Teresa. These four went down to Renfro and came back with not just the finishers medal, but age group awards. Brooke and Teresa won their age group and Tim and Traci each placed 2nd in theirs.

Run Richmond is not full of runners that are going to show up at races and break course records. We aren’t likely to win overall finisher awards either. Run Richmond is an amazing group of people that have decided to either continue running later in life or take up running/walking later in life. I think it’s fair to say that even though we may not be the fastest run group around, we are certainly one of the most committed to our goal of staying healthy through movement. That frequently translates into top finishes in our individual age groups.

If we can each stay focused on where we are in life and set realistic goals and expectations for our improvement we can keep getting closer to the healthy lifestyle that we want. Nobody is expected to finish top 5 in a race when they are 50 or even 25 and still trying to get healthy. Know your limitations, your abilities and your goals. Mix those things together to develop a plan than will help you get there.

It is important to celebrate the wins just like Traci, Tim, Brook and Teresa are right now. That gives you motivation to keep pushing. Also, realize that when you are up and moving you are becoming a healthier person. Even if you never get a top 10 age group award or even a top 50…you are winning. You are winning because you beat the version of you that existed 1 year ago, 6 months ago, even 2 weeks ago. You are going in the direction you want to go and that is making you a winner. That is making you a winner in the most important race you will ever have. The race to become a healthy version of yourself before the unhealthy version ends the race for you.

A perfect example of this hits close to home with me. My mom and my aunt signed up for the Historic Haunt 5K this year to support me. My mom had walked one 5k before (as a fundraiser for my daughter) and my aunt had never considered the idea of running. They jumped on and pushed each other along to get out and walk several days a week for several weeks leading up to the Historic Haunt. Race day came and they both finished with times they where proud of. Neither of them won an age group award. Both walked most if not all of the race. The joy in finishing that first race and realizing the weight that had been lost and the pride in what they had accomplished motivated them to sign up for a second 5K. They finished that one and aren’t ready to stop. The other day they both signed up for the Gobbler 5K this Saturday. I believe their times keep getting faster. I know their motivation to do this keeps getting stronger. I know their bodies are getting healthier. These are wins. These are wins that every single person reading this can be celebrating themselves. If they will get out there and push themselves to do something more.

Congrats again to the gang at the Renfro Rock N’ Run and I can’t wait to see a bunch of you at the Gobbler Half, 10K and 5K next weekend.

2 thoughts on “Run Richmond Does Great at Renfro Rock N’ Run”

  1. Thank you for the kind words, but most of all for the motivation that has driven me to make a change in my health. I have a long way to go and will probably never be a runner, but I am okay with walking, pushing myself a little more each time, while cutting down my time. Overall, I have more energy, pounds are coming off, knees and lower back do not ache as much, and I enjoy it…even in the cold weather like today! If I can do this at the age of 53, over-weight, out of shape, and with a few health issues, then anyone can do it. I make myself get out and walk even when my Hypothyroidism symptoms beg me to lay on the couch. Even on my worst day, I feel 100% better after walking. All of this has motivated me to continue my quest to be healthier, and I have you and all my family to thank for the push and encouragement. My goal is to walk the 10K Historic Haunt, if you have it next year!!

    1. There will certainly be a Historic Haunt 10K next year. You should end up with several options for Run Richmond races over the next year or two.

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