You Ready To Run In The Cold?



Winter running is right around the corner. That is a fact that we just have to deal with. I love running in the late fall. For me running is the 40s and 50s is pretty much ideal. I don’t get overheated and zapped by the sun. I don’t need as much fluid to keep comfortable and I just generally run better. When it gets down into the 30s and below things are a little different.

I am committed to running. Without running regularly my weight goes up, my energy goes downs and my attitude becomes horrible. I need to run for my mental and physical well-being and my family would probably say for their mental health as well. So I had to figure out how to get motivated to run when it is really cold outside. Run Richmond group runs started last fall. So not too far into our existence, we hit the winter months. I was really worried that the long cold winter would kill Run Richmond. That clearly wasn’t the case.

Apparently, lots of people had been trying to figure out how to get the motivation to run in the cold. We all found that motivation together. Some of our biggest group runs came in the middle of our really cold, really snowy winter last year. We had people out there running in windchills below 10°. It was certainly cold, and we certainly had to layer up and wear hats and gloves. What we discovered though is that the community could do things together that many of us would never do alone.

There is certainly strength in numbers. The motivation that comes from knowing that the rest of your group is going to be standing there in the cold waiting for you to show up is strong. You start to figure out that your involvement can have the same motivation for another person as theirs does for you. We don’t ever desire to let someone down. We naturally desire to be encouraged and supported by other people. If you are wanting to start getting healthier come join us some Saturday morning.

There is no fee to be part of Run Richmond. We just meet together and run, or walk, or a little bit of both. You may end up walking/running alone some weeks. But you aren’t going to be on your journey alone. We hang out and chat for a few minutes before we run. This gives us a chance to build relationships. Then if there is someone wanting to do a similar distance at a similar speed we will head out together. If not, then we head out alone, but most of the time there will be someone waiting to ask how you did when you finish. There will be encouragement as we pass each other on the trails.

The group runs aren’t so you never have to run alone. The group runs are so you have the opportunity to build relationships and get encouragement from other people on the same journey.