Is It A Race Or Is It A Party – WHY NOT BOTH!


We are close to an announcement on this one! What I can tell you is that in the spring we will be doing an event unlike any I can find in Richmond, Madison County, Central KY or even the entire state of Kentucky.
Chenault Vineyards and Run Richmond are going to be partnering on this one of a kind event. We will have a trail run that will travel around the vines on their picturesque property.  The run may travel down into the woods and through the farm surrounding the vines as well. These are the types of details that are still be finalized.

I do know that this will be an amazing way to finish off a work week. We are planning a Friday evening event. I don’t want to refer to it as a race, because that is only part of the fun. When the running is over we move into after-party mode. How about post-race complimentary wine tasting? Good idea? Then go check out the food truck, wine/beer stations, listen to the live band, the list goes on and on.

Not the food truck kind of person? Maybe you want to upgrade your registration with the VIP Wine and Cheese reception in the tasting room. Now I am a beer and BBQ first kind of guy, but you may not be. So we have a plan for you as well.

 Details can/will change, but the idea of having an event for the running community to celebrate and get to know each other is first on our list.  At Run Richmond, we want to have races that encourage people to push themselves to do more. We also want to give people the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. This race is some of the first and more of the second. We will have other races throughout the year focused on encouraging people to do something more. This one is to celebrate the fact that you have done just that.

 The other thing that is important to Run Richmond is the local organizations that we get to donate to when you choose to run our races. This race will fund a couple different organizations, but the main one for this event is going to be Hospice Care Plus. I have worked with Hospice Care Plus for many years and have always been blown away with the compassion they have for people in very difficult situations. We will have more info available about Hospice Care Plus as we move forward. Know that just like all other races we do, when you choose to give us some of your hard earned money we are going to give you a first class event to enjoy and write big checks to organizations that deserve them.

 It’s time to party and Run Richmond is in party planning mode. When we throw a party we add a 3.1 mile trail run into the festivities. That makes sense to me, how about you?

 Check out Chenault Vineyards at
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4 thoughts on “Is It A Race Or Is It A Party – WHY NOT BOTH!”

  1. So does this race benefit wine to water? I love that organization. When I saw the name I assumed that’s what you are promoting. Just want to make sure before I promote this… thanks!

    1. As of now we are planning to partner with Thirst Project for a clean water tie in. I have a connection with this organization and when we looked to have a clean water connection we immediately thought of them. Here is the website if you would like more info on Thirst Project.

  2. Can someone still take part in this event if they do not run but like to walk? This looks like a good time and a good cause and would like to take part by walking, not running.
    Thanks for your response

    1. Every event that Run Richmond will ever have will be open to walkers. We are about moving to get or stay healthy. That movement can be walking, jogging, running or a combination of all three. We just want to see people moving, connecting and having a good time.

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