It’s The Memories

As Run Richmond has grown in reach over the last year you all have read a lot of articles that I have written and some that I have shared from other great sources online. My perspective is that of a average guy that is trying to make a difference. Trent Funk, has come on as my partner on this endeavor and with him comes a different perspective. He is an accomplished runner who has been surrounded by other accomplished runners through out his life.

I think each of us will connect with different people different ways. Our goal is to bring as many different perspectives as possible to Run Richmond. We never know how an article may reach a person and what changes it may have on their thought process about movement to get healthy.

Today we have a guest article to share from one of Trent’s long-time friends. I hope you enjoy.

My name is Jacob Rodgers and I’m still on the right side of 40.  Running has been a part of my story, on some capacity, for most of my life.  I’m a former high school and collegiate cross country and track athlete.

It’s the Memories

My parents tell me I ran before I walked.  At 9 months, I was running across the living room, into the waiting arms of my grandmother.  Even though I cannot remember those first steps, several people do, and that’s what I love about running.  It’s the memories.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m out sprinting kids at school, running faster and farther than the boys in middle school, but like Forrest Gump famously said, “I never thought it would take me anywhere.”  Soon I became known as the guy that could outrun anyone. Then I got to high school, and running became a serious endeavor.  It became my lust for life.
Focused on running fast times, not letting my coach down, and worst of all, not coming in last, running was a job.  Sure, there was joy in it.  A since of pride was always there, because how many kids could run twenty 400m repeats, with only a two minute rest in between, after school.  What memories do all the other kids that didn’t run cross country and track have from 20 years ago?  For me, the memories are endless, but it wasn’t until I was running one night with my best friend, that I can say is probably my best.
owlHe and I were running towards downtown Winder one Autumn evening and he pointed to the Winder courthouse and said, “Hey look at that owl!”  There was a very large owl perched between one of the arches on the dome of the Barrow County landmark.  We continued running, chatting and looking up at this owl.  I don’t remember the conversation, but I do remember those precious seconds, even 20 years later.
Yes, it’s the memories I have about running that are most important to me.  It’s not winning my first race, finishing my first marathon or anything of personal glory.  All of medals and trophies I have in storage collecting dust will eventually be forgotten or lost.  The memories will always stay in my heart.  I’ll never let them go.
No matter the accomplishments we have in life, the connections with people should always matter so much more. Running is an individual activity that is done so much better in a community. If you want to be part of our community join us for one of our group runs.