Wow…You Guys Were Awesome!!!


For the last 5 or 6 months, I have been thinking about and planning the Historic Haunt in my head almost non-stop. Clearly, there are things that I didn’t think of and things that just didn’t work out the way I had wanted. At the end of the day though I can look back and see the images in my mind of the people crossing the finish line with huge smiles on their face…and that makes me happy and it a successful event.

Run Richmond wasn’t created so elite runners could become better runners. Run Richmond was created so you and I can get healthier by getting out and moving. That is what I saw on Saturday morning. If you look at our finish times and compare them to other 5Ks that were happening the same day we were considerably slower. That excites me because that tells me we had people show up to do something new. People decided to push to the point of being uncomfortable so they could become comfortable in their own skin.
I can’t tell you how many people came up to me after the race and said this was the very first…[insert story here]. I know for a fact we had people walk their very first 5K and have already signed up for their second. One lady said this is the very first 5K that she did any running at all (usually she just walks) and she was so proud of her accomplishment. Another person told me this was the first 5K that they jogged the entire course. Think about that, if you were with us you know that this wasn’t a flat, easy course. This person pushed for no walking the very first time on this course…that is an awesome accomplishment!
Run Richmond has other races in the works and will have announcements coming. We promise to keep working to make the races better and to keep our focus on people just like us that are out here trying to create a better version of ourselves.
If you chose to run/walk the Historic Haunt with us this year…Thank You! If the Historic Haunt didn’t fit your schedule this time I hope to see you at a Run Richmond event/race soon.