The Historic Haunt isn’t only going to be a fun event that gives people the opportunity to push themselves to become a better version of themselves, but it also is an opportunity to win cool stuff. We know you can choose any number of races to attend on a Saturday morning in October. We feel like there are numerous reasons that the Historic Haunt is going to stand out from other races. One thing that stands out to me is that we aren’t about making the absolute most money from this race as possible. Our number one question when making decisions is how will this affect the feel of the event. Will it make it better than others? If the answer is no we have tried to come up with a different plan.

Run Richmond, LLCĀ is passionate about several things. Two of which are in our name. Running and Richmond. Because of this when we decided we wanted to get sponsors for the race we went to local companies so they could benefit from the exposure. When we chose who would benefit from the money made from the race we found 3 local organizations that are deserving of the funds. When we decided to offer prizes we went to more local companies and asked if they wanted to be involved. They said yes and then a couple others even contacted us and said we want to be part of what you are doing.
When running a first-year race you expect to have to work pretty hard to get people on board. The fact that we had local companies contact us offering to give prizes away for our races has blown me away. With all that being said I want to thank Mike’s Hike and Bike, Soft Shoe, Cottage on Main and Twine Market & Design for supplying us with great prizes for the Historic Haunt.
I can’t wait to see everyone at White Hall State Historic Site on Saturday. Online registration is open until 6:00pm on Friday and race day registration opens at 7:30am.