Teamwork Makes The Dream Work



If you are reading a post on this website there is a pretty good chance that you have run at least one 5K before and quite possibly a lot of other races. When I decided to start Run Richmond¬† had some idea of what would be involved to start a running organization. I had done several 5Ks and at that point a couple half marathons. I expected to have to put a considerable amount of effort into this therefore, I don’t feel I had an overly optimistic vision of what I was getting into. What I have found out is how much more planning needs to go into this than I realized. Things need to happen in a certain time frame to keep things moving forward correctly. If something isn’t finished, or started, on time then it can create a snowball effect that will be hard to recover from.
Here is the bad news. I am not a planner. I don’t have a paper planner that I put things in and I don’t utilize an online calendar as much as I should. So there have been times that I could have gotten into trouble, but luckily I have surrounded myself with great people. My wife, Trent, Bob Baney, and many others have been around to help when things need to be done.

The good news is that I am extremely passionate about building relationships. I am passionate about creating opportunities for people in our community to get together and support each other. Because of this, I have been on my A game with getting things done. I have been asking questions non-stop (ask Bob Baney I am sure he is tired of me by now) and Run Richmond has been ahead of the curve on almost all issues.
I am fairly certain that next Saturday when we run the inaugural Historic Haunt at White Hall State Historic Site there will be some things come up that we haven’t thought of. I am just as certain that some things won’t go as well as we had hoped. Even more so I am confident that the people involved have what it takes to adapt and rectify any situation. So we may need some grace from you guys, but I can assure you that everything we have done and will do is being done to ensure that the Historic Haunt is a first class event that you want to come back to.
I encourage you to look at the situations you are in and see if you have surrounded yourself with people that are just as passionate about your cause as you are. If not, start recruiting. If you are passionate about something it is easy to sell your idea to others. Your excitement will be infectious and you will find people to help you. Don’t carry all your responsibilities on your own shoulders. Life is so much easier if you split the load with someone else.
See you all at the Historic Haunt!