Historic Haunt T-Shirts



We are getting closer every day to the inaugural running of the Historic Haunt at White Hall State Historic Site. I can assure the excitement is building with the Run Richmond team. We have been talking with people about this for months and we are now 18 days away. The bad part about being 18 days away is that means we are only about 3 days away from placing our t-shirt order.

If you plan to register do so before Friday, October 7th to be guaranteed a shirt. We will be ordering some extra shirts, but with this race being a fundraiser for local causes we will be cautious on our t-shirt order. Every shirt that we order that isn’t claimed via race registration is money we take away from our benefactors. That is something we don’t want to happen. We will most likely end up running out of shirts.

There is one easy way to fix this problem. Help us out and register today! When you do you get the shirt in the size you want and we get to give more money to three great causes: Madison Central Cross Country, Daniel Ellis Foundation and Health, Now! Clinic.