Kids That Run Can Be Healthier…Inside and Out


I was driving into work this morning and heard on the radio that it is Child Health Awareness Day or something like that. I tried to find more info about it online when I got to work and can’t find anything. That doesn’t really matter, because in reality every day should be focused on the mental and physical health of the children around us so that is what I am going to do.

For the last almost 4 years I have worked with kids in youth ministry. It is amazing to me the number of kids from loving families that have had horrible things happen to them. I don’t know why we continue to go down a path in our culture where kids are mistreated and abused. I don’t understand how people can ignore the needs (mental and physical) of the kids in their lives, but it happens more than I ever dreamed. What I have figured out is that a small amount of love and positive attention given to a kids (of any age) can make a bigger difference than you could ever imagine. Many kids today are dying to have an adult invest in them and show them what a healthy relationship looks like.

Many of these kids struggle with self worth. When you don’t think you have value you don’t see a need to take proper care of yourself. That leads to obesity, self harm and addictions. A small invest in a kid can make them realize that someone does care and they do have value. The entire trajectory of their life can be altered by just a little bit of encouragement.

Run Richmond is committed to providing opportunities for kids to get that type of encouragement. I love it when kids show up to group runs with their parents. There isn’t much more exciting to me than to see a kid push a point that they have never done before and then realize they just ran their first mile without stopping. Or maybe they made a full 5K distance for the first time. The pride associated with that sort of thing can do so much for the mental health of a kid that is feeling worthless.

Encouraging kids to run is extremely important to me. We have an childhood obesity problem in this country that is horrendous. We desperately need to get our kids off the couch and out in the yard. The physical and mental benefits of playing outside are undeniable. Run Richmond’s first race is the Historic Haunt. One of the things I am personally most excited about in that race is the Little Goblins Run. That is a FREE & SHORT run for kids 10 and under. The purpose is so that we can encourage kids that may even show the smallest interest in running. Because when one kid get excited that can influence their entire peer group to give it a try. The kids that do the Little Goblins Run will be cheered and celebrated during and after their run. They will receive certificates for their achievement and hopefully motivation to make this a part of their life forever.

If you know of a kid that could benefit from some positive encouragement get them signed up for the Historic Haunt Little Goblins Run. Any kid will be able to make the distance, and you can’t beat the price.