Beautiful Old Running Shoes

old shoes

We have entered into a new season. The weather is getting cooler and the runs are hopefully getting a lot easier to do. With that being the case I think it is important to think about your running shoes. Hopefully over the last several months you have been working hard. If that is the case there is a decent chance that your running shoes look something like these. I love seeing someone out there with shoes that look like this because I assume that means the shoes have been well used.

Well used running shoes will almost always mean good things to their owner. It means that you have been dedicated to a plan. It means that you have been working to become a better version of yourself. It means you aren’t giving into the excuses that will always pop into your head to avoid a hard workout. The sad thing is that those shoes that have served you so well will eventually turn on you. Those shoes turn on you because they are tired.

I talk all the time how the hard things in life make you better. We have this wonderful body created by God that gets stronger the harder it is worked. Shoes are made by man and not by God. When you work them hard they wear out and lose their effectiveness.  Depending on how much you run/walk you will need to replace your shoes periodically. Most likely sooner than you think.

Injuries happen frequently because your shoes aren’t supporting your body correctly during impact. The only correction for this is new shoes. Running shoes are very expensive. So don’t think you necessarily need to run out and buy the latest Asics or Brooks shoes. They release new shoes every year with “new technology” to make the perform better. When it comes right down to it there is rarely much different from the previous years shoe. Look for last years version of the shoe and you can save 40-50%. I have found $150 Asics shoes for $70 or $80 the last two times I bought shoes. Deals are out there and they will be sufficient to keep you running with less likelihood of injury.

What shoe you buy makes a difference on some levels. Different people have different needs in shoes. Ask questions from a professional at a running shoe store. Soft Shoe here in Richmond and Johns Run Walk in Lexington both carry all the major brands and have people available to give advice. But the most important thing is to replace your worn out shoe with a new shoe that feels comfortable before you have problems.

Here is an article from REI that shows you how to choose the best running shoe for you.