Group Runs = Community = Success


Over the last almost year that Run Richmond has been in existence the one constant has been our group runs on Saturday morning. I was amazed when I scheduled the first one and people showed up. I will be totally honest and tell you that I didn’t expect anyone to join me so I scheduled it on a weekend that my brother-in-law was going to be in town because I knew he would come. I padded the numbers…I had my family and his family that had us at 8 for our very first week no matter what happened.

I had invited several people I knew and had heard from most of them that they had plans or they would try. I was pretty confident no one would show. I got there early in case anyone else showed up early and planned to patiently wait by myself until my built in safety net showed up. When I pulled in I noticed a car over in the historic house parking lot. After I got parked that car started backing up and then drove over and parked next to me. My initial thought was “Oh Crap! Now what do I do?” I had no idea if the person was there to run or if the person had ever heard of Run Richmond. It turns out that it was a runner and he did come for the group run. David Turpin showed up that day and ran with me and my family. Since the first group run I have probably ran more miles with David Turpin than any other person I know. David pushed me to get through a couple of the worst marathon training runs I did. For that alone I am greatful.

That one person was huge for the success of Run Richmond. That one person willing to take a chance and step out into something new gave me the confidence to push this harder to the point that Run Richmond has become a real company. Without David showing up that first week I don’t know exactly what would have been different about Run Richmond today, but I do know it would have been different.

Over the weeks and months following that first week the people kept rolling in and during the cold winter months we never had a weekend with no runners. Frequently we would have 15 runners out there at 8:00am with temps in the 20s or 30s. All because someone was first. Somebody thought I want to be part of that and showed up. I mention this because we are now at a new point for Run Richmond. Trent Funk is now my partner and that means two things at the very minimum. #1 Run Richmond has a lot more running knowledge to work from now and #2 Run Richmond has a lot more capacity to do things now.

Trent lives just outside of Richmond on the south side of Richmond. He runs daily and has decided it is time for Run Richmond to have a weekday group run option here in town. We have talked and it looks like he is pretty flexible with when that can be. So that’s where you come in. I can’t promise we will ultimately choose the poll winner as the best option, but we do want your input. So if you are interested in a week day group run let us know below.

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One thought on “Group Runs = Community = Success”

  1. So glad to see your card – just had to RUN home and look you up on line. I do remember David posting on Facebook about going out to White Hall for a run. This was lots of months ago though.
    I will look in to this site a bit more and see when you get together and where for runs.
    Some Saturdays I’m working (that’s only some though) so let me know when your group gets together.
    Thanks Carol

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