Course Maps and the Connection Between Community and Fitness


The course has been set and even tested. I have had a general idea of the course for the Inaugural Historic Haunt 5K and 10K for some time now. I have done several runs at White Hall with the specific purpose of finding the perfect course. What I eventually did was call Bob Baney from RaceRise and have him come out and make it perfect. We are set now (unless we think of a way to tweak it). :-)

Several members of my family have decided to make the Historic Haunt their first 5K. It’s amazing what a good t-shirt will motivate people to do. Since this is their first my mom, sister and aunt drove down from northern Kentucky yesterday to check out the course. They have been training for a few weeks now and have been mainly circling parking lots to get their miles in. They knew eventually some hills would need to come into play and decided to just come try the course and see how bad it is.

My aunt has only been training for the Historic Haunt 5K for a couple weeks. She is working hard to gain more endurance and to feel more comfortable getting through 3.1 miles. As I understand it she had completed 3.1 miles before, but not without taking a break or two. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break to get through your training. Early on those breaks are to keep you at least slightly motivated. If you kill yourself and don’t give yourself any grace you will end up throwing in the towel because the pain isn’t worth it. So take those breaks as necessary, but over time they should become less and less.

As I walked the 5K course with my family we took it at a comfortable pace and chatted about life as we went. The sweat starting rolling after 1/2 mile and questing the motivation to do this began by 1.5 miles. With a group of us going together without music and with conversation and encouragement everyone kept plugging along. Eventually the end was in sight and the entire group walked the entire 5K course without a break. That may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but to the ladies that have been training in flat parking lots, and never completed a full 5K with out a break that is a big deal. Because the Historic Haunt is not flat. Yesterday it was hot and sticky. Nothing was ideal for any of them to have a milestone reached, but it happened.

Run Richmond is about two thing primarily. Fitness and community. These ladies are committed to improving their fitness and signed up for a race to motivate them to train. These ladies have been training together after work to have some accountability. Yesterday the earbuds weren’t used and the conversations & encouragement kept them going. What happened because of that? They killed it and did things they hadn’t done before. This is a perfect picture, fitness and community coming together to make each a little bit easier.

If you want to check out the Historic Haunt 5K or 10K course maps you can do so at the links below. If you want to get a run in on either course show up at our group run on Saturday.

Historic Haunt 10K Course

Historic Haunt 5K Course