Historic Haunt is Going to Make a Difference

Historic Haunt-Race_Logo

Most of you have seen this logo by this point and many of you have signed up to run or at least told me you will. The good news is that we are at a point now that the race is going to be more than just a fun day with a chance to run a well ran race with a cool t-shirt for your effort. Although we haven’t met our goals by a long shot (I like to set big goals) we haveĀ  hit a point that the race will have a purpose beyond just a good day.

The Historic Haunt now has enough in sponsorships and registrations that we will be able to cover our bills. That is big news because we are still a long way from the start of the race. We still expect to add a lot of runners to the registrations. I expect to have more corporate sponsorships roll in. This is good news because that means that Run Richmond is going to get to write one of those big checks to the Daniel Ellis Foundation after the race. We are going to get to help support future Run Richmond runners by helping fund the Madison Central Cross Country Team. If things go as it appears they will we are going to get to add to our list of benefactors by donating to the Health, Now! clinic here in Richmond.

Races are going to be an important part of the future of Run Richmond. That is because races generate excitement and funds. The excitement will give new runners/walkers motivation to get out there and move. The funds will give Run Richmond the opportunity to invest in the future of our town. I love being able to give to the Daniel Ellis Foundation. That foundation is highly motivated to do good things in Richmond. Things that Daniel himself would have supported and stood behind. If a cause is good enough for Daniel Ellis it is good enough for me. Our vision of a better Richmond is shared and I am extremely happy to support their efforts.

The real vision of Run Richmond is to build and support the running community in Richmond. What better way to do that than to support the young runners that are putting in so many miles each week. The Madison Central Cross Country team is a powerhouse in their region. When they show up at meets other teams know them. When they show up at local 5Ks people are blown away by their speed. Having a good XC team leads more kids to be interested in running. Young runners frequently become runners for life. People that make running a part of their lifestyle have lower obesity rates and are generally healthier. Supporting the XC team just seems like a natural fit for Run Richmond.

Health, Now! clinic was one of the first places I thought of when I was deciding who we could support in Richmond. The idea of a healthier community is a huge motivator for me personally based on the health benefits I have gotten from running. Right here in Richmond we have a team of people doing everything they can to meet the needs of the uninsured and under-insured. Many times the lack of insurance leads people to not see medical professionals and that can lead to a rapid health deterioration. The team at Health, Now! clinic never turns someone away for a lack of ability to pay. They find a way to help! I want a healthier Richmond and I want to help them help others.

I was hesitant to add a 3rd benefactor to the Historic Haunt because I didn’t know that I would have enough funds to make a difference at one let alone 3 organizations. I should have just trusted what God put on my heart and went with all 3 from the beginning. This race may not make a noticeable difference in Richmond, but I fully believe it will make a big difference in the lives of some people. Not directly, but indirectly through the partnerships we are forming with other organizations in town. I am excited to start making corporate sponsorship announcements for the Historic Haunt this week. The businesses that have reached out to us are diverse and have a large reach. It’s official, the Historic Haunt is going to not only be enjoyable, but it will be meaningful. That is really exciting for me and everyone else involved.