Raven Run and Labor Day…A Perfect Combination

raven run waterfall

Wow. Was that some amazing weather for Labor Day or what? I know Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer and if that is the case it is going out on a high note. Part of the mission of Run Richmond is to encourage people to get outside and get moving. With Mother Nature helping out like that it seems like a much easier task.

I spent the morning at Raven Run in Lexington. If you haven’t been there Raven Run is a nature sanctuary that is 15 minutes from the Clays Ferry Bridge over the Kentucky River. You can get there quickly from Richmond and it has miles and miles of trails and a really nice visitors/nature center with restrooms, displays and teaching areas.

I met a friend of mine at there when the gates opened and there where several others cars there as well. I actually beat him there by a few minutes so I got to sit and watch the other people unload and get ready for their adventure. I saw people ranging from a baby strapped to her dad’s chest to elderly there to experience nature. I was encouraged not only by the number of people that showed up at 9am on Labor Day, but also the diversity of the crowd.

Most people that where there had no intention of running like my friend and I, but there was one other runner. Most planned a leisurely hike through the trails and down to the KY River overlook. But both options were choices made by each individual person to get out of bed when they didn’t have to and go outside and move around. Get some exercise, breathe some fresh air and just do good things for your body.

There is no certain type of person that I target for Run Richmond. Every person breathing today will benefit from spending some time outside. If you have the ability to walk then go walk around. If you have the ability to run go run around. After walking becomes easy you will hopefully decide to run a little. After running becomes easier you may decide to run more and push harder. You can be an 85 year old grandmother or a 10 year old, it doesn’t matter. Movement and being outside does good things for your body and mind.

If you are still reading a random post on Run Richmond from time to time, but haven’t committed to joining us for a group run/walk at White Hall then I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do it this weekend. If you know that you need something to get, or keep, you motivated sign up for the Historic Haunt. You can choose the 5K (3.1 miles) or the 10K (6.2 miles). Don’t settle. Push yourself to do more than you think you can do.

If I have learned anything over the last 1 1/2 years since I started running seriously it’s that nothing can make you feel prouder than accomplishing a goal that seemed impossible a short time ago.

So get out there and do the impossible. Push yourself to move and you will surprise yourself at what you can accomplish.