The Struggle Is Real – The Results Make The Struggle Worth It

Male runner silhouette, running into sunset


I know that everyone has something that holds them back in their training. Some people struggle to get morning runs in, others may not have an efficient stride and some may just struggle with a proper diet to help them fuel their body. When it comes right down to it, we are all struggling to pull it together in one area or maybe even lots of areas.

Here is the good news…none of us are professional runners. Period. That could be the end of this post, but I will explain myself a little more. Professional runners devote their life to running. I enjoy what running has done for me, but I certainly haven’t, and don’t plan to, devote my life to it. I have other responsibilities with work and church that keep me from being “all in” as a runner. What I am doing though is trying to be the best runner I can be with the time and tools I have been given. That is all we can each strive for. Figure out what amount of time is available to you and use that time as efficiently as possible.

When you are confident that if you could just focus on your passion a little more and devote just a little more time, you would be much more satisfied with the results it can be frustrating. I wish I had hit my original goal for my marathon. If I had been able to train a little more and stay focused on running I think I could have easily done it. That wasn’t the case though. Life had different plans for me. I got in a lot of training and I finished the race. That is just going to have to be good enough for now.

That frustration can lead some people to just throw in the towel and give up. I encourage you to stick with it. If you are talking about something as good for you as running or just exercise in general any amount of focus is better than nothing. So stay on the path you are on and keep your expectations realistic. Know that you are doing good things for your body on the inside even, if you can’t see results on the outside. Try to find ways to enjoy the journey you are on instead of the high from conquering goals.

If you need some pointers that may help you get to your finish line a little quicker than check out this article from Men’s Health. There are lots of little tips that if you start putting into practice will certainly not hurt, but most likely help tremendously.

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