Using Community To Build Knowledge


From my experience it seems that there is a decent percentage of runners that take up running later in life. I was in my 30s before I ran my first 5K and late 30s before I consistently ran and used an actual training plan. This is important to acknowledge because a lot of us going about things like this didn’t get training on how to  “be a runner” or how to properly train.

I admire people like my daughter that either grew up running or are currently growing up running. She has a great coaching staff at Madison Central right now teaching her about how to care for her body as a runner. They are giving her knowledge about how her body will react to different types of training. She is learning the difference between a fartlek and a sprint and she knows how to use both to her advantage in training.

I took off trying to get to the point that I could run a 5k without stopping. My training consisted of running as much as possible and hoping that I would improve over time. Luckily (I guess) I did improve. I did get to the point that I finished a half marathon without walking and a full marathon (with lots of walking). I wonder though how differently things would have gone if I really knew how to train from the beginning. I wish when I started I would have had the opportunity to get with others that ran frequently and talk about things with them.

That is exactly why Run Richmond is so important to me now. I still have a ton to learn about running, fitness, race strategy, injury recovery & much more. I still want become a better 5K runner. I really want to get back on track with weight loss and get down to my goal weight. These are things that are more likely to be done with the knowledge and encouragement of others. Putting yourself on an island and trying to figure things out on your own just makes thing harder. Surround yourself with others that are on a similar journey and bounce ideas off each other.

You may have the right idea 90% of the time, but if a conversation with one person can prevent one big mistake it will be worth any investment you make into the group. Watch the Run Richmond Group Run page, and join us. Each week we meet and chat then run and usually chat some more. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level or goals are. If you have tons of knowledge we will feed off you. If you have tons of questions we will share what we know. Either way this is a community of people on a similar mission as you.

If you are like me and have started later in life my guess is that you have made a few mistake along the way, I know I did. Here is an article from Runner’s World that talks about some bad habits that runners can develop.

10 Bad Runner Habits (and How to Break Them) – Runner’s World