fresh start

Sometimes things just don’t go quite the way we hope. Sometimes that is due to circumstances out of our control, but frequently it isn’t.  For the last 5 months my training has been lackluster. My weight has creeped up and my energy has creeped down. I wish I could blame that on injury or illness or anything else that wouldn’t point directly back at me, but I can’t. I just haven’t been as motivated as in the past and it has held me back.

My daughter is a sophomore this year and runs for the cross country team. She told me last week that now that school has started she wanted/needed to run in the mornings. My first thought was great…5:15 wake up times here we come. My second thought was…OK new school year, new motivator, time to get going. The first week of school was crazy and we didn’t run, but this week we have been. It has been great. I feel good about getting up and doing it. My speed is starting to come back on these shorter runs and I am getting my muscles woke up early so they can burn more calories throughout the day.

Sometimes a fresh start is all you need. It’s great if that start can be fueled from within, but frequently it comes from an outside influence. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose motivation and struggle to get it back. I needed a push from Hailey to get me going. Now that I am going it is way easier to keep going.

Surround your self with people doing the things you want to be doing. Motivation can come from external forces just as easy as internal.

Run Richmond is a great place to start if you are looking for motivation. On any given Saturday we can have people from 12 years old to 60+ show up. Some run long and fast. Some run short and slow and some just walk the trails. The point is that we get together and chat a few minutes before and after. We tell family stories, running stories and frequently pet stories. We enjoy each other and that makes it just a little bit easier to get up on a Saturday to get your exercise in.