Hilton Head Is The Same As It Was Last Year…I Am Drastically Different

hilton head beach sunset

As I ran errands the first morning of vacation in Hilton Head I noticed all the runners out and at it bright and early. I knew the reason for being out early was to help avoid the heat and I was hoping I could get my stuff done quick so I could get out myself before the heat got to bad.  As I drove along seeing all the runners I started getting a little jealous. Not jealous of the fact that it was cooler as they ran than it would be during my run, but just jealous that they were running.

It dawned on me in that moment the changed that has happened over the last year. I was here last year around the same time. Then I weighed over 230 lbs and wanted to be able to just run consistently. I had already lost 20 lbs and was feeling better about myself, but running was still a struggle. I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted, but I was still out there trying.

A year later vacationing at the same place and life is so much different. I made it down to 193 lbs (not there anymore) and finished a half marathon without out walking and finished a full marathon (lots of walking). Running has become such an important part of my journey that I felt the need to create a gathering point for the running community in Richmond, so Run Richmond was born.

As I have gone on my runs in Hilton Head this year so far I have had pretty good runs. When finished I am still able to go on bike rides or swimming with my family. There isn’t really a recovery time needed to move on to the next activity. Running is now something that is just part of my life. I don’t have to plan my day around runs I can just work them into the routine. I still wish I could run better. My times still aren’t what I would like them to be, but knowing that if I decided to I could head out on a 10 mile run without fear is good enough for me. I may never set a PR on a 5K time that I am excited about, but that doesn’t changed my desire to run.

I hope to lose more weight and after vacation I plan to get more serious about watching my food and doing more calorie burn runs. I live a life that is drastically changed because of the benefits that running has had on my mind and my body. I have a lot more room to improve in both areas, but I have a lifetime to accomplish my goals. I am going to keep working in the direction I am being called and be happy with the results I see along the way.

If you are in the process of getting healthier or taking your running to another level don’t get discouraged. It can be a long road. As a matter of fact, the longer the road to improvement is the more likely it is that the improvements will be lasting. In the real world there are no quick fixes. It takes hard work and sweat equity. If you need to give some sweat equity I can suggest a running route in Hilton Head that will provide all you need.