Group Run/Walk

group run_generic2

We have these group runs each week and I frequently see new faces there. Some I know from other areas of my life and some that I have never met before. Usually I will chat with a first timer and find out how they heard about Run Richmond and what they have as a goal. It surprised me (at least at first) by how many people talked about the fact that they had wanted to come for quite some time, but just didn’t feel comfortable because they weren’t a real runner.

I can promise you that if you want to start running for the first time, or get back into running, you are a runner in the mind of everyone at Run Richmond. I can also promise that if you have zero desire to run, but want to get out and walk to get/stay healthy that makes you every bit as much of a part of Run Richmond as a marathon runner. Run Richmond isn’t about how far or fast you can run. Run Richmond is about people building relationships with others that enjoy the idea of getting/staying healthy by being outside and moving.

Our name is Run Richmond because Run or Walk or Run-Walk Richmond wasn’t very catchy. Don’t feel like you can’t show up because you can’t keep up with someone else there. I started it and I can’t keep up with several of the people there. You are always welcome at Run Richmond. Keep checking the Group Runs Page¬† to see where we are meeting. Most weeks will be Whitehall, but some weeks we will do Raven Run or even¬†other options.

This week I will be recovering from a youth group lock-in on Saturday morning. I won’t be at the group run, but that doesn’t matter. The runs aren’t about me or lead by me. There is now a strong community of people that come to our Group Runs and I can promise you that every person there will be glad to see you.