I have talked about it for a while and tomorrow is the day. Run Richmond is going to hit the trails. We will be meeting at Raven Run at 9:00am to do our weekly group run. You can get more info about Raven Run here, or about the group run on the Facebook page here.

The trails at Raven Run are well marked so getting lost would be difficult to do. If you do get “temporarily misplaced” just stay on a trail and eventually you will run into a sign pointing back to the visitors center. They are strategically placed to be sure everyone gets back where they came from.

I plan to do the red loop, which is around 4 miles. Keep in mind that trail runs typically have more hills and Raven Run is no different. A 4 miles trail run will burn a lot more calories than a normal 4 mile road run. Adjust water and calorie consumption for the extra energy that will be used.

I will be at White Hall Park at 8:00am in case anyone doesn’t get the message and shows up there. If you want to follow me to Raven Run you can meet me at White Hall and we can carpool or caravan.

See you in the morning!