Running Stories

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If you are reading this there is a really good chance that you are a runner. If that is the case you may not have ever realized this, but runners talk a lot of our runs. Sometimes non-running friends/family think that is the only thing that we ever discuss. Running is not only important to us and becomes a major part of our lives, it is what many people associate us with.

I was at a gathering a few weeks ago with a group of people that I knew most of fairly well. A couple families that I didn’t know as well came over and started talking. They new enough to know that I ran, so that is what the discussion lead to. After a few minutes, we had probably a quarter of the group standing around us talking about running. This was before my marathon so there were questions about that and I was asking about any running they had done. It was actually a great time. Until I looked through the group and saw our hostess talking to my wife. I couldn’t hear her, but I could read her lips enough to catch “He knows this isn’t a Run Richmond meeting doesn’t he?!?!”

I realized then that running has become a big part of my identity and I am OK with that. Hopefully some people are inspired to get up and move because of what I am doing. Hopefully one of these discussions will lead to another unhealthy person deciding to make a change. Either way I am a runner and for good or bad, I am going to talk about running.

We all have those special stories that we like to tell. Honestly, one of my favorite isn’t even about a run I was on. It’s about David Turpin’s experience running the Rugged Run ask me or him some time. It’s really a funny story. Maybe not to him, but I get a kick out of it.

Here is a link to a Runners Blog that shares a few funny stories. If you are brave enough to share add your own story on here or over at the Run Richmond Facebook page.