Run Richmond Horse Capital Half Finishers

horse cap half finish2

I am excited to be able to acknowledge Tim Humber and David Turpin for both running the Horse Capital Half Marathon last Saturday and finishing under 2 hours.

Tim and I both were going new distances at the Horse Capital. I ran my first full and he ran is first half. Tim set a goal and nailed it. Being under 2 hours on a half is something to be proud of. Being under 2 hours on your first half is really impressive. Being under 2 hours on your first half with a hilly course and you are killing it. Tim absolutely killed it. Congrats!

David was the very first person to show up to a Run Richmond group run and has probably logged more miles with me than anyone else. I appreciate his friendship and advice, but also admire his dedication and heart. I know one week in particular I was going for 15 miles and would have never made it without David pulling me along. There was also the week that I was running 20 miles and he was struggling with a foot issue. I left from our group run and headed out on a tour of northern Madison County and made it back a few hours later. When I got back David was there circling the pond trying to stay loose. He never admitted waiting to see how I did on the 20 miles, but I have a feeling that was the case and it meant a lot. After finishing the full Saturday I crossed the finish line and heard a voice yell from the side. I looked over and there was David cheering me on.  I don’t know if he set a half PR on Saturday or not, but I know that if he didn’t it’s probably because he stopped to check on some other runner or to rescue some stray cat stuck in a tree. Running is his passion, but being a great person is his gift.

That is community. That is what Run Richmond is about. I appreciate the friendships that I have developed through Run Richmond more than you all can imagine. I hope that others will jump in the summer and give it a try. We have a great group of ladies and men that care about running and care about each other.

Speaking about caring about each other I want to thank my brother-in-law, Justin Holland, for making the trip from Indiana to run the second half of the marathon with me. In the middle of a job change, training to run the full just wasn’t a possibility so he did the next best thing. Just ran without the rewards of a medal and a free banana at the end. It meant a lot to me to have him along for the slowest portion of my race. After thinking about it, I ran a lot faster when he wasn’t with me. He must be back luck. Oh well, it was the thought that counts and I really appreciate the thought.