Your Mind May Need To Run But Your Body Needs To Taper


Spring race season is upon us. Last weekend was the Derby Marathon and the Flying Pig in Cincinnati and we are only a few weeks out from my first full the Horse Capital Marathon. Runners put so much energy into getting their bodies (and minds) as ready as possible for the test that these races will put them through. All that training becomes like a security blanket almost and the idea that the weeks leading into the actual race you need to slow down and even not run as often can be seem counter intuitive.

The taper is there so that your body can recover and return to maximum potential on race day. All this training has been wearing your body down so it will become stronger. Now you want to switch to get to that stronger part. It may seem crazy to cut out some running to become a better runner, but it is absolutely necessary.

Here is a great article explaining the importance of down weeks on RunnersConnect.

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