Mother Nature is Messing with Me


We have been pretty lucky so far with out Run Richmond group runs. We have had days that are colder than expected and even snow on the ground for several, but I don’t remember a Saturday morning that we really had to deal with a lot of rain. I believe that is about to change. It appears as though tomorrow morning we are going to be getting wet. Not just a little wet…predictions are for rain storms from before sunrise to late afternoon. So my question to you is…which is more important, your training/exercise or your need to stay dry.

Tomorrow just happens to be 3 weeks from the Horse Capital Marathon. That only matters to this post because 3 weeks out from training for a marathon is when many training programs have you run the longest training run before the actual 26.2 on race day. So tomorrow I am scheduled to run 20 miles. The most I have ever ran (and considered a success) is 15 miles. I had knee trouble on my 16 mile run and quit early and I had issues with dehydration and knee trouble on my 18 mile run and ended up walking close to half of it. So this run is really important to me to give me the confidence I need to finish the 26.2.

This is the week that mother natures decides to throw a nasty rain storm into the mix. It could be to test my determination. It could be to keep me from getting dehydrated, God knows I need help with that. No matter what the reason if it isn’t lightning (that’s a game changer) I will be out there sloshing through puddles for around 3 hours trying to get 20 miles in.

I hope to see you at White Hall in the morning. Umbrellas are optional.

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