Did You Know Running Can Take A Lot Of Your Time?

That video illustrates a point that is becoming very apparent to me as I get closer to my first marathon. Running takes a lot of time. Going out for a 3 mile run on a Saturday morning is one thing. Going out for an 18 to 26 mile run on a Saturday morning is a different thing all together. If you are doing one of the spring races you know what I am talking about. You are at the high point of your weekly mileage and its hard to keep that up and keep the other parts of your life a priority.

I have been doing my version of a Hal Higdon training plan for my marathon. This week the schedule calls for a total of 40 miles. Last month I ran around 86 miles. 40 miles is a big week of running (at least for me). To be fair that is the largest week for this plan, but others weeks have been close. I don’t say this to complain, or look for sympathy for me. I signed up for this and chose the plan and will put in all the work I am able to do. I really bring this up to say thank you to my wife.

If you have a family you can’t take on a challenge like this without them feeling the pressure. Our yard is in the worst shape that is has ever been. Some people probably believe we are starting a dandelion farm. I have little projects all over the house that need done that I haven’t gotten to yet. I know this is aggravating to her because running this race wasn’t her choice it was mine and she is sharing in the burden. I am very appreciative of her and the patience she has had with me.

My race is the Horse Capital Marathon on May 21. Another little fun fact is that day also happens to be my wife’s birthday. She just keeps on sacrificing. :-) I am less than a month away and then the training will likely back off for a while. But as a runner you probably know, just as I do, that another race is on the horizon and soon enough I will be training for that. If you have a spouse that supports you tell them how much you appreciate them. Do something to make them know that you realize that your training affects them as well. Pay them back somehow. Maybe finish something on your honey-do-list. If you don’t have one you can come help me with mine.

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