On The 9th Day God Created Running

Fell running is an unusual sport - some think it''s mad, but many think it''s great. This photo captures the soul of the sport, as man skirts the fine edge between civilisation and raw nature.

After God rested on the 7th day we learned from Paul Harvey that he made farmers on the 8th day. I believe He decided that He needed a special gift to give His people….so on the 9th day He created Running.

“I need something that will inspire people to get up early, just to wear themselves out. Something that most believe will break down your body, but hopefully clear your mind, but in reality will transform both. Something that the harder you work your body and make it hate you, the better you feel about the pain and what it means.” So God created Running.

He said, “I need something that will show people that their body can do so much more than they ever believed. They need to know that the only thing limiting their abilities is the fear that keeps them for pushing harder. I need an activity that shows people how to overcome their limitations no matter if it’s their first attempt or their 1000th attempt.” So God created Running.

God wanted people that would not only admire the creation He gave us, but to go out and explore it. People that dream about blazing new trails and going higher, faster, farther than ever before. So He created Runners.

God knew that He needed people that could inspire others to live healthy. People that would share their knowledge and share their experiences with people that want to make a change. God knew that these people would sometimes struggle. He knew that people would often mock their attempts to become better. So God gave runners a determination that is second to none.

God knew that not everyone would have the same physical abilities. He knew that some would exceed where others fail, but He wanted runners to have a level of self awareness and contentment that kept them from ever feeling like a failure. So God taught runners that the only failure is a failure to try.

God knew that above all else He needed a way for these runners to find and support each other. He needed a way for them to be pulled forward by those ahead while at the same time pulling up those behind. God knew that community would have to be a big part of this great endeavor He called running so God then created running groups.

Run Richmond is here not to fulfill any goal except to support and build a larger, stronger running community in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Our community is full of runners looking for people to run with. Our community is full of even more people that want to find a way to make a change. I want to be part of that change for as many people as possible. I want you to be part of that change for many others.

Run Richmond isn’t a group of people that run together because it’s fun. It’s a group of people that run because we want to be better people. Some run or walk for mental health and other for physical health. Come out and join us some Saturday morning and see just how good it feels to start a process that can change you…inside and out.


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