It’s Not About Winning…But Winning Doesn’t Hurt Anything


Tomorrow is our regular scheduled Run Richmond Group Run. Some weeks we have big crowds and some weeks we have smaller ones, but there are a few people that are almost always there. That is unless they are at a race. Last weekend was one of those weekends. Last weekend was the Berea Police Dept. 10K/5K. We had several Run Richmond runners head down there to see what they could do.

Now I get to do my sales pitch for getting involved in a local running group. We had two Run Richmond runners come in first in their age group. David Turpin and Emily Christian both finished first. I’m not trying to say that they got any knowledge at Run Richmond that helped them win this race, but the fact that they are dedicated to training and show up each and every Saturday has helped them continue to progress as runners. Emily and David were among the first people to show up for Run Richmond. David actually was the first person to show up. That first Saturday morning back last winter I had several members of my family there so I wouldn’t be alone for the first group run. The next thing I know David comes pulling up and I was amazed.

Emily and David are both first to say that they aren’t exactly in their prime anymore by most standards. Neither of them would get asked for an ID if they went out for a drink, but that hasn’t stopped them from working to become the best version of themselves they have ever been. Emily started running to improve her health a couple years ago. Some family health issues inspired her to get healthy and running became a passion of hers. David has been running races with his daughter for several years now. As he is getting older you would think he would be slowing down and doing easier races. But if I remember correctly this year he is consistently running farther than ever before. I think he told me that the farthest he ever ran was a few weeks ago (if that is wrong I will run with him next weekend whatever we need to make it the farthest).

The point is that no matter where you are in health or age you can make changes and make a difference. The running community is full of people trying to make changes in their life. Jump in and see how it can change you. Saturday morning are a great place to start. We will be at Whitehall Park again tomorrow at 8:00am. You can come and run 1 mile, walk 1 mile or run 15 miles. It doesn’t really matter what you are doing as long as you are doing something.

Congratulations to Emily and David you both are a real inspiration.

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  1. I like knowing I will see other runners on Sat. mornings near my home. Helps make me be a bit more accountable. We all just run our own pace for the day but I like knowing others are around me. Would love for more to join in. And a big shout out to David Stewart for organizing and motivating us.

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