Mother Nature is Finally Going To Play Nice (I Hope)


I believe that we have to be on the tail end of this crazy cold weather. Soon we will be complaining about the heat and how hard it is to stay hydrated and motivated to run when it’s 100+ outside. Right now though and in the coming weeks we are at what many people would consider their favorite running weather. When you can get up and do a morning run in shorts and a t-shirt you are getting into my comfort zone.

I don’t really mind running in the 40s, but running in the 50s to 60s is ideal. Cool enough that you won’t sweat out 3 days worth of water, but warm enough to not need gloves and something covering your ears. It should be pretty obvious that we are headed into some of the best running weather of the year. All you have to do is look at John’s Run Walk’s Race Calendar and see all the races listed in the next couple months. The biggest (by participants) races in the state happen in the spring. It’s almost like race directors have figured out that we like running in the spring (hint of sarcasm).

I have seen the group run for Run Richmond change drastically over the last 6 months. The distances are getting longer but not because we just really want to spend time with each other (although that could be part of it). Distances are getting longer because so many people are on a training schedule. This is the time of year that you are getting those last big runs in before we start to taper down some and rest our body for the big day.  It’s an exciting time. Hopefully you are at a spot where you are feeling good about your training. Things are really clicking and you surprise yourself each week with either how fast or how far you are able to go.

I still clearly remember my first run with double digit miles last year. I was training for my half marathons and started out thinking 5 miles was crazy, then 6, then 7. The whole time though I kept thinking about running 10 miles. Just like birthday when you are a kid getting to double digits is a big deal. Just weeks earlier I wasn’t sure I could do 6 miles and then that Saturday morning I ran 10 miles and felt a major sense of accomplishment. Then it dawned on me that I had to do 11 the next week and came back down to reality.

It takes a lot of work to accomplish your first 5k or your first 5k with no walking. It takes a lot of work to do a half or full marathon. Be proud of what you are accomplishing and enjoy it. For the first time in months the weather is going to start working with us to make the runs better. Make use of this great weather and get out and run. If you are training for something enjoy it. If you are just working to get or stay healthy then this is the time mother nature gives you a hand. In a few months we will all be begging mother nature for a break from the heat.

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